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Alexander Nenov

Alexander-Nenov-bulgarian-starupAlexander Nenov

Alexander Nenov is a Bulgarian internet entrepreneur, author of the books “One click away” and “How to win the internet?”, guest speaker at various seminars and trainings, including StartUp Blagoevgrad 2013, Marketing With Zero Budget, Internet With Zero Budget and TravelMind. He became famous in the dawn of the Internet, in 1999, when together with his brother Asen Nenov created the site Moshenik.bg. The project is included in the book of Justine Toms “The first in Bulgarian Internet”.

In 2001, together with Tsvetomir Georgiev, Alexander Nenov creates the site TeenProblem.net, which for 13 years remains the leader among teenage media in the whole country. In 2007 he realized the largest public deal in the Bulgarian internet with selling the site to Investor.BG’s media group.



Alexander Nenov was born on May 26, 1982 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Between 2001 and 2003 he studied Biotechnology at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski “. In 2013 he graduated Medical Cybernetics at the New Bulgarian University.

Community Service

In 1999, Alexander Nenov and his brother Asen Nenov create the site Moshenik.bg (means ‘rogue’). The site aims to protect consumers’ rights in times of political transition. Although only 17 years old, he participated actively in the establishment of e-Cunsumers Club – Internet Users Club to Bulgarian National Consumer Association (currently known as Active Users). Thanks to the action of Moshenik.bg and BNCA, currently there is a register at CCP in Bulgaria against unsolicited commercial communications.

In 2003, Alexander Nenov founded the National Association called Alter-Nativa – NGO with priorities in the development of young talents, education, unprofessional applied arts, culture and health promotion through sports. The association published a collection of poems called “Alterica” including young poetic talents, among them poems of George Savchev. The most famous campaign of the Association is the campaign for the liberation of Bulgarian nurses in Libya and collecting benefits for them through the unique telephone 3733 (FREE). Subsequently, the campaign grew into the “You Are Not Alone.”

In 2010, Alexander Nenov organized the campaign “The Coolest reading” to promote reading among young people. Huge brands as Microsoft and Samsung, also dozens of publishers and hundreds of authors and their works participated in the campaign, as it was the first of its kind aimed at the youth audience. Thereafter, similar campaigns are launched by BNT (Bulgarian National TV).

Lectures and Presentations

  • tex-x-logoSyndrome of dessert @ TEDx Varna, 2016
  • Digital and Viral Marketing, That Sells or How to Turn Traffic Into Cash – ‘Digital Biblio Technologies’ Conference 2015
  • Is Future Past? – ‘Digital Biblio Technologies’ Conference 2014
  • Age of Information – TravelMind 2014
  • Time for a REAL Internet business – StartUp Blagoevgrad 2013
  • Internet business without mistakes – TravelMind 2013
  • Information system for processing and analysis of screening data for benign prostatic hyperplasia – 2013
  • Advertising Campaign with zero lev budget Or Viral marketing – what is it? – “Internet Marketing with zero budget” 2012
  • Growth for the sake of growth Or Whom needs viral marketing? – “Internet Marketing with zero budget” 2012



  • Awarded “Knight of the Book” for outstanding contribution to the promotion of reading amongst youth with “The Coolest reading” campaign.
  • Repeatedly won awards from the BG SITE contest, as in 2005 won two first prizes for the site “TeenProblem.net”.




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