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Web consultations for online business and SEO optimization

Web business consultation

The start of a new web project may seems easy but it also hides many pebbles once you start to make it reality. That, which we offer you, is to save your nerves, time and money and help you: Choose a web studio, team or freelancer Choose software system and appropriate system to implement your […]

PPC Advertising Campaigns

Pay Per Click (PPC), also called Cost Per Click, is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites. It can bring targeted audience to your site, therefore it can improve your sells and increase the percent of conversions of your site to actual sales. The effectiveness of PPC advertising campaigns depend on: right […]

Front-end - Html5, Css3, Responsive

You need front-end development for your website? We can help you with the conversion of your website design into HTML5 and CSS3 markup. We offer you fully completed and valid HTML code ready to use by your programmers. Whether you need to build a promo page or a whole site with dozens of pages – […]

Trainings and courses

Our team has organized series of seminars, trainings and lectures on online thematic. We have experience with in-house corporate trainings and public lectures. Part of our team is Alexander Nenov. He has a rich experience as a lector of series of seminars about innovation and technologies at City University, New Bulgarian University, Internet Marketing With […]

Email Marketing Software

Email Marketing is one of the most effective advertising channels, widely used by many companies. Collection and processing of e-mail addresses of your customers and periodically sending your various promotions, offers or news, creates a loyal audience and makes your customers coming back to your site. That implements the desired effect sale, registration, or simply […]

Website and SEO audit

If you find your website, e-shop, blog or another form of web presence less effective, then this service is right for you. It doesn’t matter which one you want most – increase your office calls or get more service requests, sell more products, get more impressions or more website traffic and get more conversions – […]

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Whether it is about our own personal name or the name of our brand we should always mind the importance of our online reputation and work purposefully for it. Basically, Online Reputation Management is the process of controlling what shows up when someone Googles your name. Our team’s job is to promote positive content to […]

SEO and website analysis

Search engine optimization (SEO) is largely speculated during the last couple of years. Probably everyone of us have received emails with offers for web optimization and promises to make you “first” in Google search results for short period of time like a week or two. But those emails never really tell you that this is […]

Google Adwords and Facebook Ads

We can offer you effective and optimal management of PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising campaigns. Regardless of the allocated campaign budget we can set up and optimize your campaign in Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Advertising or another PPC advertising network. We can prepare for you: The right and precise strategy for your […]

Software for reservations in tourism

Renovator is web based system making tourism easy and pleasant – for the ones creating it as well as the ones who use it. Our goal is to help you reduce your costs, to optimize the loss of time, to automate your processes, to systematize your data. And of course – to increase your sales. […]

Digital Academy

Nowadays there are two types of companies – the first ones use internet properly and the second ones are more likely to be extinct soon. We suggest you to join the winners’ side by getting trained. We can teach you and your whole team how to use all the available technological resources in order to […]

E-shop – installation and setup

If you want to start online marketing and build an e-shop or if you already have one and want to optimize it better and make it more effective, this is the right service for you. We can give you professional advice and we can teach you how to create, optimize and profit from your own […]

Websites and web projects

10 years ago the owner of the biggest Russian site said during a conference: “In few years there will be companies with online presence and there will be companies that will be extinct”. The latest analyses show that people who saw a product or service ad on TV, radio or print publications they search for […]

Specialized software development

Our team can develop for you any type of web based software for the needs of your website, internet project, even for managing your offline business. Our experts are experienced in building corporate and personal websites, management systems for staff and processes, document flow, accounting, online booking. If you need specialized software fulfilling specific processes […]

Advertising and promotional game sites

In our portfolio you can see various advertising and promotional games we’ve done over the years for our clients. Advertising games are one of the most frequently used channels for pulling new clients and collection of user data, comments or creating positive emotions of users connected to a specific brand. Depending on the purpose which […]

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